What Makes a Beautiful Smile?

We all want a smile that will convey health and beauty and cleanliness to those with whom we interact. Our smile is a universal sign of attractiveness and hygiene. Studies have shown that a smile ifs what the vast majority of us see first when we make contact with another in person. But what are the attributes of a beautiful smile?

Teeth Whitening

The Color of the Teeth

There is no question that the shade or color of the teeth is one factor that separates an attractive smile from one that is not. Stains, spots and general darkness are allfactors. Most times, these imperfections are a result of either external or internal stains. A professional cleaning and polishing can often remove external stains and the build up on the teeth that can make the teeth look dirty and unkempt. If the staining is on or around bonding that is old or discolored, that can be removed and replaced. Internal stains can be removed with tooth-whitening agents provided by a dental professional. The first step towards the appearance of clean, healthy teeth is usually making the teeth whiter and stain-free.
Beautiful Smile

Crooked or Misaligned Teeth

Teeth can be splayed out, can be crooked, can overlap, can be crowed or can have spaces between them.They can be too long or too short or could be out of level. Most situations where teeth do not line up ideally can be corrected with orthodontics. Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that corrects most tooth issues faster, less expensively, more comfortably and more hygienically than traditional braces and you cannot usually see the trays. Getting straight teeth through Invisalign treatment can immediately and significantly improve a smile.

Mismatched Crown

Teeth or Restorations that are the Wrong Shape or Size

A poorly contoured or shaded crown really stands out in a smile. Some teeth are simple too small, genetically, for the space they need to fill. And some teeth are worn or broken down. These types of problems can be resolved with aesthetic veneers and/or crowns made by master technicians who appreciate cosmetic values in a smile. Sometimes, bonding can fix the issues. The key is finding a Cosmetic Dentist that requires perfection for the finished look.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Gum Problems

The Gums 

Often overlooked is the appearance of the gums thatsurround the teeth, what is called the gingival architecture. Everyone has seen someone with perfect-looking teeth or crowns in the front that are set in discolored, bleeding and swollen gums; the gum appearance overwhelms anything else. Recession and open space below tooth contacts can create real cosmetic concerns.  Proper periodontal care can eliminate these issues and allow the focus to be on the teeth that make a beautiful smile.


At Turner Dental Care, our goal is to help our patients have Healthy Teeth and Gums for Life. Dr. Jeff Turner has practiced over 26 years as a cosmetic dentist, honing the skills to create The Beautiful Smile and our hygienist, Annie, is the very best at helping our patients understanding their specific periodontal condition and what they need to improve. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to contact us today at (949) 770-3294 or online.