Sleep or Sedation Dentistry

Sleep dentistry or sedation Dentistry can help some patients that may have trouble sitting still or have great fear or anxiety about dental treatment. Dr. Turner has also used sedation during long procedures which typically would have taken multiple visits.


“Can I really be put to sleep for any dental procedure?”

Yes you can. Many patients will benefit from this easy option. It is a fact that many children and adults have a fear of Dentists and Dental Treatment. No worries, we put you to sleep for a short time while you have a procedure completed is safe and easy.


How does Sleep Dentistry work?

In our pre-consult we will talk about your health conditions and your dental concerns. We will then schedule a convenient appointment time. You will be asked to arrive about 60 minutes early so we can get you comfortable and the oral medication will have a chance to enter your system. Once you are comfortable and relaxed Dr. Turner will begin your treatment.


IV Sedation

For patients with extreme anxiety or compromised medical health, we have a Dental Anesthesiologist who can come to our office and sedate our patients using IV medications. We can discuss this option at your initial consultation.


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