Healthy Smile

What do most people expect from their dental care?

In a recent poll of 100,000 people,  respondents were asked “What is your biggest dental concern?”  58% said that they were most concerned about Cavities and Gum Disease. When asked want they wanted most to achieve with their dental care, 76% said they wanted Healthy Gums and Teeth for Life.

The vast majority of people polled want a healthy mouth now and for life.  So what does that really mean?  How close are you to healthy teeth and gums for life?

The Guidelines Below describe excellent oral health:



  • No painful or sensitive teeth.
  • No tooth cavities (decay).
  • No fractured, broken or missing teeth.
  • No broken-down, leaking or discolored fillings or restorations.


  • No mis-aligned or crooked teeth and a bite that meets correctly (no
  • No tooth crowding or overlap.
  • No missing teeth or gaps.
  • No clenching or grinding teeth during the day or at night.
  • No jaw pain or sensitivity and no restricted jaw movement.
  • No unusual growths or sores in you mouth.


  • No plaque or tartar build-up on your teeth or under your gums.
  • No gum infections, pain or swelling.
  • Firm, pink gum tissue.
  • No bleeding when you brush and floss (Gum pockets of 3mm or less).
  • No continuing gum recession.
  • Freedom from bad breath.


  • Straight and uniform white teeth.
  • Healthy-looking, happy, confident smile.
  • No broken, ragged or chipped teeth.
  • Freedom from discolored teeth or other aesthetic concerns that can
    contribute to low self-esteem.


  • Brush 2x daily and floss 1x daily.
  • Freedom from the fear or anxiety preventing the dental care you
  • Regular profession dental care to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.


Car Wash vs. Oil Change

Most of us change the oil in our car when it is time because we want our car engine to last a long time and we know this simple maintenance will keep the car running. A thorough dental exam and cleaning is much like an oil change (as opposed to a car wash) in that it makes more likely the long-term health and proper function of our mouth, which we use much more often than our cars.



Dr. Turner specializes in providing healthy teeth and gums in accordance with his Healthy Mouth Standard of Excellence. He would be happy to help you and your family achieve this level of dental health. Please call his office and see how you can dental excellence for life!