Clearly, drugs and alcohol abuse have major health implications on your body- including your mouth. The combination of drug and alcohol usage and poor oral health maintenance are a recipe for disaster. Therefore, let us explore the chronic dental dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse and if questions remain, schedule a visit with your local and trusted Aliso Viejo Family Dentist today.

According to Alcohol Rehab, for people who have a substance abuse problem, maintaining an adequate level of oral hygiene is often not adhered to. They may be overcome with the devastating effect of their addiction and forget to brush or floss for days on end. Additionally, if they experience pain associated with their mouth, they may ignore it and self-medicate the problem with alcohol or drugs which only worsens the problem.  Many who abuse drugs or alcohol do not eat properly and can often be malnourished, which can negatively affect the teeth and tissues of the mouth to a significant degree.

Alcohol and tooth decay.

The high levels of sugar in alcoholic beverages often lead to the demineralizing and weakening of tooth enamel over time. Further, those who abuse alcohol regularly and vomit as a side effect of their drinking often experience tooth erosion from the lingering acid.

Stimulant effects on teeth.

Stimulants like ecstasy, amphetamines and cocaine are known to cause individuals to clench and grind their teeth when under the influence. This can turn into a very serious habit and teeth can become ground down and in some cases cracked from this act, explains the article. Root canal therapy and tooth implants are often needed to repair the damages done from these types of stimulants. Another issue that people who abuse drugs face is chronic dry mouth. When mixing stimulants with alcohol and soft drinks, the mouth becomes overly dry which leads to tooth decay.

Methamphetamine and oral health.

Methamphetamines are known to prevent glands in your mouth from producing saliva. In turn, the mouth is subjected to acid erosion from food and drink consumption over time. In addition, this drug leads to the rotting, cracking and discoloration of teeth. Further, when this drug is smoked out of a pipe, the corrosive agents inside are heated and cause sores inside the mouth and tooth decay.

Effects of Heroin on teeth.

In surveys of injecting heroin drug users, up to 70 per cent described problems such as teeth snapping off, teeth falling apart, gum disease and trauma.

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