Teeth Whitening…Dr. Turner Can Help You Get the Smile You Want!

Everyone is born with a tooth color in the same way that each is born with eye and hair color.   For many, the natural shade of their teeth is darker than they would like. Also, teeth can lose their original luster due to a variety of reasons. For example, some foods and drinks cause external stains on your teeth that darken over time and become permanent stains and these stains cannot be removed by brushing even if you are brushing regularly. Professional teeth whitening can remove the stains that discolor teeth, whether it is naturally occurring or acquired. Dr. Turner in Aliso Viejo performs teeth whitening that can make your smile brilliant and give you the confidence you deserve.


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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is typically done using various percentages of the active ingredient carbonide peroxide. It is a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure that can enhance the beauty of your smile. And a beautiful smile, we know, can enhance one’s confidence.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Teeth have an natural intrinsic color to them, which varies from person to person. So genes determine the color your teeth are originally. For some, that is darker than we would like. External stains caused by some foods such as coffee, tea, soda and several spices, can also cause teeth to discolor over time. Tobacco use stains teeth. Some medications, most notable erythromycin, when used during the developmental stage of a tooth will cause darkened striations in the tooth enamel. Too much fluoride in a child’s diet will cause chalky white spots on teeth. Decalcification of the enamel which, for example, occurs around braces when brushing is inadequate, also causes white or brown spots on the tooth.

How Tooth Bleaching Works

An impression of your teeth is taken at our office and customized bleaching trays are fabricated to fit your mouth very precisely. Treatment instructions will be provided at the time the trays are delivered along with the carbamide peroxide bleaching gel. The trays are worn every evening for 25 minutes between 4 and 8 days in a row, depending on your needs.

Dr. Turner also has the ability to whiten your teeth in his office. This in-office bleaching procedure allows teeth to be whitened very quickly for special events. In-office bleaching also provides teeth whitening for those who are unable or unwilling to wear custom trays or can help jump-start the process of whitening in conjunction with the take-home custom trays.

Teeth Whitening is Safe

Sensitivity rarely occurs during proper teeth whitening treatment and any that does present usually resolves within 24 hours. Absolutely no long-term side effects or damage to the teeth have been reported in association with the materials Dr. Turner uses in any of the numerous national studies that have been conducted.

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