Lava and Zirconia Crowns- Amazing Results!

New techniques and materials are constantly being incorporated into our practice which allow us to achieve incredible cosmetic restorative changes to our patients smiles. New Porcelain to Zirconia crown materials like “Lava” and All-Porcelain crowns like  “E-Max” are amazingly tooth-like in appearance and are very reliable long term. These new material are metal-free, which means that we don’t have to hide anything under the porcelain of the crowns which makes the restoration translucent, avoiding the flat, opaque look of porcelain-to-metal crowns.  We can also use All-Porcelain crown in the front of the mouth.  Old tooth-colored or silver fillings can be replaced with a new generation of material that do not tend to discolor or change texture and appear very natural.  Together, these new materials have been very successful in creating a more pleasing, youthful smile that can enhance self esteem and can “bring back the sexy.”   Dr.Turner is happy to discuss appropriate treatment that will improve you dental appearance.