Smiling is great for your emotional well-being, and it can help brighten someone else’s day as well. A campaign to encourage smiling causes people to think about their own smiles and how it looks and feels. National Smile Month is a month-long campaign between mid-May and mid-June aimed at promoting good oral health. Improving oral health is an important way to help people feel confident about their smile, so here are a few ways you can celebrate National Smile Month as an individual and as a family with the help of family dental care in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Start or Continue Care Routines

One of the best ways to mark a special occasion is to start a new habit or to create new goals. While you hopefully have already established a good dental health routine, there’s generally room for improvement in most individuals. Be sure to brush two times a day to remove food and bacteria that could damage your smile with cavities and gum disease. You should use fluoride toothpaste to help fight decay as well. Some children may benefit from fluoride treatments, but your dentist can determine whether that’s necessary or not. Another thing to consider is flossing. Even those who are diligent about brushing twice a day might find it difficult to remember to floss nightly. Celebrate the occasion by making a goal to floss a certain number of times a week and gradually build up to flossing daily. This can make a big improvement to the health of your smile.

Choose Healthy Party Foods

Special occasions also usually involve tasty food but think about alternatives to the usual sugary party foods. Most people eat and drink far more sugar than they realize, which isn’t only bad for overall health, but it can drastically reduce the health of your teeth as well. Sugars from sweets, juice, and soda can sit on your teeth for hours and provide a feeding ground for harmful bacteria. Cut down the food source for decay-causing bacteria by cutting down on your overall consumption of sugary beverages and food. Replace these snack foods with vegetables or other natural sugar options, such as fruit.

Celebrate with Dental Professionals

Another great way to celebrate National Smith Month is to visit dental professionals who truly appreciate the purpose behind this campaign. You should be visiting your dentist twice a year for checkups that include an examination, X-rays, and a thorough cleaning. Even with good at-home care, most people need these regular visits to remove tartar or plaque and to make sure your mouth is in good health. These visits include a gum disease and cancer screening to ensure there aren’t more serious problems that require further care. Children should begin seeing a dentist as soon as their teeth come in to help them become accustomed to the dentist’s chair and to make sure teeth are growing in properly.

Invite Others

As with any celebration, the more the merrier! Get your family and friends involved by encouraging good care at home and recommending a great dental clinic in Aliso Viejo, CA. You can help improve dental health education by promoting Nation Smith Month activities on social media and getting involved in fundraisers and workshops. This campaign can improve the health and happiness of individuals around the world, regardless of age or circumstance. To learn how to improve your oral health and smile, contact Turner Dental Care today.