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Our mission at Turner Dental Clinic is to help our patients maintain healthy and beautiful smiles by offering a full package of general and family dentistry services. Good dental health always starts with routine dental exams and cleanings provided by a general dentist. We love when our patients visit the dental clinic for routine care every six months. As your family dentist, we’re here for the simple dental checkups and the more complex restorative procedures. Our experienced and compassionate dental team specializes in helping you feel welcome and relaxed during each visit. We use state-of-the-art equipment and dentistry techniques designed to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible. To learn more about our dental services or to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Laguna Hills, CA, please contact us today. Thank you for interest in Turner Dental Clinic. We look forward to your visit!

Cosmetic Dentistry

The first thing people notice when they meet you is your smile. A beautiful smile not only brightens up a room, but your smile can make a huge difference in your personal and professional life. Our cosmetic dentist works magic with dazzling smile makeovers. We use a state-of-the-art whitening process to treat discolored or stained teeth. Patients can whiten here at the office in an hour or two or use their treatment at home. If you need more extensive cosmetic dental care, our team specializes in crowns and porcelain veneers. Whether you’re dealing with a chipped or broken tooth or simply want to improve your already beautiful smile, we work hard to personalize cosmetic dental care for each of our patients. If you’re looking for expert cosmetic dentistry in Laguna Hills, we’d love to talk with you about our services. Contact Turner Dental Clinic today about your smile. You’re worth it! Well


Have you ever looked in the mirror and longed for straighter teeth but didn’t want the fuss and anxiety of wearing metal braces? Now you can have them! Our experienced dental team uses Invisalign technology to help you get the award-winning smile you’ve always wanted¬—and we do it without the anxiety, the pain, or the time associated with traditional braces. We use Invisalign to treat a wide range of common dental problems experienced by teens and adults. This fantastic dental technology works for minor smile improvements and major adjustments. We see patients with crowded and widely spaced teeth as well as those who need help with more complex dental issues. Over the course of approximately one year you’ll wear a series of clear, removable aligners. The aligners are comfortable and best of all, they’re invisible! For more information about Invisalign in Laguna Hills, contact Turner Dental Clinic today.

Dental Implants

Missing and broken teeth impact more than your smile. It’s often difficult to eat the foods you enjoy most and often you have trouble speaking clearly. Using dental implant restoration, dentists can now give you back your smile and your appetite! Implants provide a foundation for your replacement teeth. The new teeth look, feel, and act like your natural teeth. Our dentist specializes in this exciting field of restorative dentistry. Treatments start with placement of the implants, which are titanium posts placed into the area where you have missing teeth. The implants create the foundation for your new teeth. Our patients love implants because they never discolor, develop cavities, or break down like natural teeth. We love them because they help our patients smile again and enjoy improved dental health. For more information about dental implants in Laguna Hills, contact Turner Dental Clinic today.

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