Losing a tooth is one of the exciting milestones of childhood. The Tooth Fairy flies in and leaves money under a pillow for your tooth. When you’re an adult and lose a tooth, however, it’s not a cause for celebration. As we will see, there are several reasons why missing teeth should be replaced. And there is often no better way to replace a lost tooth than with new, powerful technology of dental implants. A dentist in Aliso Viejo that is experienced in restoring dental implants can make the whole experience of replacing a missing tooth easy.

It’s Harder to Chew

Missing teeth make it difficult to chew many foods, most significantly those foods that are the healthiest for you. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meat can be impossible to chew properly without proper occlusion. When you’re missing teeth, you tend to avoid the foods that you have difficulty chewing. As a result, you deprive your body of healthy food and end up suffering from diminished nutrition. Dental implant treatment in Aliso Viejo can restore your chewing ability.

It Doesn’t Look Good

Missing teeth, even in the back of the mouth, are noticeable. Polls indicate that a person’s smile is the first thing people notice 90% of the time. A missing tooth impacts self-esteem and self-confidence. We all would like to look our best in work situations, with family and friends and on social occasions. Dentists encourage you to get the smile you want because we know it increases well-being.

Trouble With the Jaw

Gaps left by missing teeth will alter your bite and jaw alignment. You might not notice the shift, but your jaw will start to sit to one side or the other. Eventually, a misaligned jaw results in chronic pain. Dentists call the condition temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. The pain associated with TMJ can become significant and debilitating. Also, remaining teeth can shift position into the space left by a missing tooth and that will negatively impact the way the teeth work together.

Bone Structure and Missing Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath changes. It weakens, and its density decreases. The physical structure of the jaw or jaws changes and makes the person’s face look sunken. Bone structure also affects the way a person chews food and can affect speech.

Speech Issues

The Benefits of Dental ImplantsMany don’t realize how much the way we talk depends on a full set of teeth. Your front teeth and your tongue work together and help form a number sounds correctly. Missing teeth can make you speak with a differently, such as making whistling sounds or lisping.

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