It is important to maintain good oral hygiene, not just for your smile, but also for your overall self-confidence. With regular flossing and brushing, your teeth will not only look white and clean, but you will also prevent dental diseases such as cavities, gum infections and many other oral diseases. Having a healthy mouth goes beyond just the gums and teeth as it impacts one’s overall health. A prominent dentist in Aliso Viejo, Turner Dental Care, highlights some of the problems associated with poor oral hygiene and the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth.

A Healthier Mouth for a Healthier Heart

Studies show that there is a link between oral inflammatory disease and the risk of developing significant heart disease. Uncontrolled periodontal disease is clearly linked to conditions associated with heart attacks and strokes, among other cardio problems.  Gum disease can also increase the inflammation level in the entire body.

Bacteremia (Bacteria in the Blood)

Even more sobering is the fact that the presence of chronic gum disease (periodontal disease or pyorrhea) breaks the protective tissue barrier between normal oral bacteria and your blood stream, allowing bacteria to enter the blood. And although the precise connection isn’t understood, that circulating bacteria can lead to heart infection in people with previously damaged or weakened heart muscle/valves. In fact, gum disease may double your risk for heart disease, and triple your risk of stroke

healthy teeth

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is important to make regular visits for dental care. Oral diseases such as gum infections have been known to be a cause of pre-term deliveries and low birth weight compared to women with a healthy mouth. This happens when the mouth bacteria increases, enters the body, releases toxins into the placenta, which prompts early labor.

Gum Disease and Diabetes

It has long been understood that diabetic patients are prone to gum diseases. However, new studies have shown that the vice versa is also true. Gum disease can lead to diabetes because it affects glucose control in the blood. Keeping gums healthy also helps to moderate the effects of diabetes.

From the above, it is clear that your mouth acts as a window into everything that is going on in your entire body. Most conditions tend to exhibit oral signs and symptoms. Thus, the mouth is a central point of detecting early symptoms and signs of any systematic disease that may be affecting you. It is important to maintain good oral health by brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice every day, eating a healthy diet, replacing the toothbrush after every three months, avoiding tobacco use, and visiting the dentist regularly.

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