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A Smile Makeover is a very broad description for a number of life-changing dental procedures.
They vary from simply whitening teeth to full mouth reconstruction. Let’s look at what dentists can do today to re-shape the appearance, position, health, and function of teeth in a less than perfect mouth.

Functional Makeover

Although not as sexy as cosmetic dental work, a functional makeover can be the most life-changing. A wide array of dental procedures can be used to make the changes including Invisalign, crowns and bridges, bonding, night guards, and implants.

A functional makeover should:

  • Remove diseased areas in a tooth or in the mouth including dental decay, fractured teeth or damaged restorations
  • correct tooth position by eliminating overlapping or crowded teeth and closing unwanted spaces
  • restore missing teeth
  • optimize the bite (occlusion)
  • eliminate harmful habits

turner dental care smile makeoverInvisalign Tray – Clear Braces

Cosmetic Makeover

A cosmetic dental makeover focuses on improving the appearance and look of the smile. A healthy, beautiful smile is priceless and can affect dramatically the way others perceive you and the way you perceive yourself.

A cosmetic makeover can:

  • Improve the color of the teeth including the shade of the teeth and the uniformity of tooth color throughout the mouth along with the elimination of stains, unsightly restorations or other defects
  • Create an ideal shape for the individual teeth by restoring broken, damaged or unsightly teeth or restorations or by improving natural defects in the teeth
  • Align the teeth ideally in the dental arch by widening the arch, by eliminating overlaps and spacing and by positioning the teeth ideally
  • Create healthy, pink gums around the teeth that is uniform in architecture

Smile Makeover
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Dental Health Makeover

A dental health makeover can repair problems or help to prevent future problems. This type of correction lays the foundation for enduring dental health.

A dental health makeover would include::

  • Diagnosing and resolving gum disease (Periodontitis or Gingivitis) that causes pain, swelling, odor or bleeding around the gum tissue