Dental health plays a major role in one’s overall well-being. The major driving force behind maintaining healthy teeth and gums lies with proper oral hygiene practices. In addition to proper oral hygiene practices, the arrangement of one’s teeth also play an important role in maintaining good oral health. This is because the arrangement of the teeth and their relationship to the gums can either aid good oral hygiene practices or disrupt it.

Poorly aligned teeth (malocclusion) can exist in forms of crowded teeth, overlapping teeth, missing teeth, excessive spacing, protruded or retruded teeth and more. Orthodontics can help to treat malocclusion.

In this post, we will explore some dental health benefits of having correctly aligned teeth.

  1. Easier Oral Hygiene Maintenance

When performing routine brushing, it is important to remove particles from around the teeth with every stroke made by the toothbrush. However, cleaning is made difficult with crowded or overlapping teeth. With properly aligned teeth, there’s less chance of food particles getting stuck between the teeth, and it is much easier to remove the food debris during brushing and flossing. Consequently, this reduces the incident of plaque buildup, removing its progression to gum diseases, subsequent periodontal compromise of the teeth, leading to gum pain, swelling and eventual tooth loss.

  1. Healthy Gums

The gum serves as a natural protection from bacterial invasion, which could destroy the teeth. In the case of properly aligned teeth, the gums fit more securely around the teeth, which gives them better protection against bacteria and inflammation. Crowded teeth and severe malocclusion cause gum recession, which are un-aesthetic, and can lead to the loss of the tooth.

  1. Reduced risk of trauma to the teeth:

Malocclusion involving excessively protruded teeth and parted lips are known to be associated with injuries to the teeth such as fractures, and complete tooth removal about four times more than individuals with properly aligned teeth. Aligning the teeth eradicates this risk of injury to the teeth.

  1. Decreased Jaw Pain

Occlusion plays a major role in ensuring that the joint space functions adequately. A well-aligned bite prevents unnecessary stress on the facial muscles and jaw joint. The joint functions synchronously with the mechanism of muscle movement, which is disrupted in cases of malocclusion. A case of properly aligned teeth can prevent or alleviate symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), like chronic headaches and jaw pain.

  1. Reduced Risk of Developing Bad Breath

As previously stated, malocclusion causes plaque build-up, leading to an increase in bacterial load may increase, which can lead to the development of bad breath (halitosis). Correctly aligned teeth give a better chance of fresh breath due to easier oral hygiene maintenance.

  1. Improved Bite Function

Teeth that are aligned appropriately allow for a more balanced bite while eating, thereby promoting effective chewing and reducing excessive wear on tooth enamel. Tooth wear is a serious dental problem that can eventually lead to tooth ache or tooth loss. However, with a balanced bite and improved functional ability, tooth wear is reduced.

  1. Improved Speech

Speech production is an important function of the oral cavity. It involves a synergy of the tongue, teeth, and other oral structures. In cases of malocclusion, with excessive spacing, protruded teeth, speech production is greatly impaired as certain sounds such as fricatives become difficult to produce. However, with properly aligned teeth, speech is readily and rightly produced.

  1. Longevity of the Teeth

While some people grow into old age with all their teeth intact, many others don’t, resorting to the need for dentures, implants, which could have been avoided. The teeth are the strongest part of the human body, it is expected to last for as long as a person is alive. In the case of properly aligned teeth, there is better oral hygiene maintenance and improved oral health, there are no periodontal diseases, or the development of cavities which can lead to tooth loss.

Statistics have shown that people are more favorably disposed to those with societally acceptable standards of properly aligned teeth, severe malocclusion has been associated with low self-esteem. The aesthetic appeal of the teeth cannot be underestimated. Properly aligned teeth contribute greatly to maintaining good oral health in various ways.

Malocclusion can be corrected, which can help remove or reduce the many negative effects of improper tooth alignment and can improve your confidence. It is important to discuss any concerns about your teeth’s alignment with your dentist, who can recommend appropriate treatment options if necessary. In this way, you can promote your dental health.

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