The Grinch Wants My Tooth

‘Twas the night before Christmas
I was eating a snack;
I bit down on hard candy
And felt my back tooth crack.

What have I done?
I thought with a shiver,
The hole seemed so big
Might it get even bigger?

To be up all night
With a throbbing toothache;
What a terrible Christmas
This surely would make.

When, what before
My eyes would appear?
Why, a two-foot green monster
Without any hair.

I’ll take it out
My funny, tall friend
I’ll rip it out
With my own bare hand.

No tooth on Christmas,
I thought with a shudder.
What would my friends think?
What would my mother?

I slumped in my chair,
My hands on my face.
What would I eat?
Would there be taste?

Then suddenly a noise
Came from outside.
My dentist was there
His face even smiled

“I’ll fix that right now,
And you won’t even feel it!”
And just like that,
The tooth was heal‘ed!

So let this nice story
Remind of the truth;
Don’t let the green monster
Steal your tooth.

Hurray for the Season
And all that it brings;
Let voices shout
And ‘Goodwill to All’ ring!