Dr. Turner visited the Canyon Vista Elementary – 3rd Graders.

He talked to them about their dental health and about developing healthy habits as kids.  He gave them each a challenge to brush and floss twice day (or more) for a whole week.  Anyone that meets the challenge can stop by the office to pick up a reward for their awesome effort in keeping a healthy smile.  Each child got a new, fancy toothbrush and they were excited to share what they learned.  So, if you happen to know a 3rd grade child that goes to Canyon Vista Elementary School in Aliso Viejo, then ask them about their “smile knowledge.”

Dr. turner visits canyon vista elementary

In case you missed it…

Here is an easy guide for kids of all ages.  Remember to follow the steps to a healthy mouth. Print out the Brushing Calendar,  fill it out and return it to Dr. Turner’s office for a prize as reward for your effort.  See you soon, happy brushing.

TDC | Tips for Teeth-01


TDC | Teeth Brushing Calendar-01