Everyone knows that teeth are important; we eat with them, we talk with them, we show them off when we are happy or trying to be sexy. We dread any type of pain associated with them and we know we are judged by the way they appear; just think of the last person you saw with a missing front tooth! But there is more to teeth than chewing and smiling. A healthy mouth affects the entire individual.

The Aesthetic Factor

The value of a healthy mouth is certainly recognized in the way your smile looks. Clearly missing or grossly misaligned or damaged teeth can often cause those just meeting a person to make some visceral assessments of that person regarding financial, educational and self-esteem factors. Everyone has made those assumptions. However, even the color, shape or position of another’s teeth elicits pre-conceived notions about them.
Several current studies demonstrate that an attractive, healthy smile is closely associated with a person’s confidence, better career opportunities, greater romantic success and a younger look.
Dentists have a great many tools to improve the looks of a smile. These include gorgeous tooth-like veneers and crowns, implants to replace missing or damaged teeth, Invisalign (clear orthodontic trays) to straighten teeth, tooth whitening systems and bonding. All of these and more can be used to improve the way teeth look.



The Health Factor

We have always known that infected or broken teeth can result in pain, which we do not like. Dental decay (cavities) is the most common body infection in the U.S. and worldwide. Millions suffer from dental pain or infection each year.
In the last few years, several prominent studies have also shown a direct and irrefutable link between an unhealthy mouth and increased risks for serious medical problems. These medical conditions include diabetes, heart disease, stroke, oral cancer, premature births, bacteremia (infectious bacteria in the blood) and a compromised immune system.
Qualified Dentists are also equipped to minimize the occurrence of painful dental issues and infections and to lower the risks for medical problems already discussed. A thorough and careful examination is the first step in diagnosing the factors that negatively affect a patient’s health. Digital or standard X-rays are essential to properly do this. Effective periodontal cleaning and a proper maintenance program are also an extremely important part of effective oral care. For teeth that may already be damaged or infected, Root Canal therapy, implants, crowns and fillings are some of the treatments used to reverse the affects of these teeth. Throughout it all, patient education is essential. It is so important to find a dentist that explains your options in a way that you can understand and one that you can trust to give you the very finest opinion.


The Moral

Find the right dentist that can give you a smile that is both attractive and healthy…it can transform your life! You deserve nothing less.


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