It’s summertime in Aliso Viejo, and there’s so much for your kids to do. With a beach just minutes away and more than 20 parks in the city, you and your kids will be on the go. Your family dentist doesn’t want you to forget about your teeth over the summer. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re enjoying your summer activities.

Keep the Oral Hygiene Routine

You want your children to enjoy the summer break, but you may need to remind them to keep up their oral hygiene routine. The rules are simple but easy to overlook when your mind is somewhere else. Your children should brush their teeth two or three times a day with fluoride toothpaste. Each brushing should last for 2 minutes. Your children should floss once per day; you should help children under 10 years old with flossing. The few minutes spent on brushing each day won’t interfere with summertime fun but can pay big dividends: healthy teeth and gums for life.

Watch the Sweets

Your children may have great eating habits during the school year, but during the summer, those habits can be re-invented. Here are some things to remember during the summer:

  • Sugar can harm their teeth and gums. Sugar enables harmful bacteria to thrive in your child’s mouth.
  • They need to eat a healthy breakfast. Feed your children eggs and fruit for breakfast and stay away from sugary cereals.
  • Limit how often they eat sweets. It’s less harmful to a child’s teeth if he or she eats sweets once or twice a day rather than to eat sweets continuously. Your child should brush after eating sweets.
  • Watch the snacks. Don’t just give your kids snacks during the day as a matter of course; they’ll let you know when they’re hungry. Provide healthy snacks, such as fruit.
  • Watch the sugary beverages. Limit the amount of lemonade, juice, and soda your child drinks. Suggest your child drink water after exercise. During meals, go with milk.

Don’t Misuse Your Teeth

Your children mimic what you do more than you think. If you’re in a habit of opening a package or breaking a string with your teeth, your children may do the same. Use your hands or get a pair of scissors. You or your child could chip a tooth or damage your gums.

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Use Mouth Guards

If your children are attending one of the many summer camps in Aliso Viejo, you want them to have a great time. If your child is participating in a sport where contact to the face is possible, pack a mouth guard. Whether your child is playing baseball, soccer, basketball, or water polo, you want his or her mouth to be protected. One elbow or blow to the face and your child could lose or chip a tooth. Your child could be headed for the dentist, and your wallet could take a hit.

Remember Your Dental Checkup

As you’re enjoying the beautiful weather in Southern California, it’s easy to forget about your regular dental checkup. Find time for a dentist in Aliso Viejo, CA. After your checkups and cleanings, you and your family will be ready to spend the day at a nearby beach or take a walk or ride a bike on the many trails in Aliso Viejo.


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