Straight Teeth Make a Happy Mouth

We all know that having crooked, misplaced teeth is not desirable. And it is not just because of appearances.  Why do we intuitively know that straight teeth are better?  We will discuss some of the biological and emotional reasons that make an ideal smile so important.

Straight teeth are easier to clean

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Teeth that line up ideally are easier to brush and floss.  Overlapped and uneven teeth often have much greater surface areas that are straight teeth vs crooked teethdifficult or impossible to reach with a home-care instruments like floss or a tooth brush.  As a result, food debris and bacteria are often left on the difficult areas.  This invariably results in two conditions: the food debris and bacteria, which is clinically known as plaque, hardens through calcification into tartar (calculus) and the gum tissue becomes inflamed in response to the debris.   Tartar cannot be removed without a profession metal instrument, and so it builds up over time.  Inflammation of the gums causes pain and bleeding, which we like to avoid, so we usually brush less in the area and the problem intensifies.  While having perfectly aligned teeth does not guarantee perfect home care, it certainly makes it much more likely.

Crooked teeth are associated with more dangerous strains of bacteria

Research has shown that the type of bacteria that normally inhabits the environment around teeth that are misaligned are much more aggressive than the type of bacteria that is found surrounding teeth that line up ideally.  The reason for this remains unclear, but the data is indisputable.  This means that even if most of the bacteria around crooked teeth is removed adequately, the remaining bacteria will do more damage to the gums and surrounding bone than similar levels of  bacteria left behind around straight teeth.

Misaligned teeth cause bone loss

bone loss and gum disease

Because crooked teeth are not positioned correctly, bone loss occurs.  This can result in gum recession and the formation of open spaces between the teeth.  There is a law that teeth obey.   It is that, if contact between the teeth is 5 mm or less from the underlying bone, the papilla (gum tissue) will fill the space between the teeth.  If that law is violated, open spaces between the teeth and gum recession will occur.

Straight teeth are physically attractive

dental care aliso viejo

4 out of 5 people surveyed said that the first thing they noticed about a person was their smile.  The very first thing!  7 out of 10 people said that a straight, white smile made an immediate impression of attractiveness.  It is amazing how much money is spent on makeup, hair and apparel when a smile makes the greatest initial impression.

An attractive Smile builds confidence

Studies confirm that an attractive smile creates a sense of well-being and confidence.  People with attractive teeth smile more and the act of smiling, in it self, creates a sense of profound happiness.  On the other hand, self-consciousness regarding the appearance of one’s smile significantly lowers self image and results in less smiling.  Those with greater self-image are statistically more successful in relationships and work endeavors.  So smile with confidence.

Invisalign makes teeth straight

Clearly, straight teeth are desirable.  Invisalign can get you the look both you and your mouth wants.  Call Dr. Turner today and he will explain how the process works.  Start smiling big again!

Get your smile straight!