What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option that allows doctors to straighten teeth using a series of clear, removable, nearly invisible, plastic appliances called aligners.


How does Invisalign work?


It’s easy, you meet with Dr. Turner who takes orthodontic records of your teeth, including impressions and he builds  fills out an Invisalign treatment plan or prescription form.   These record are sent to the Align Lab where a computer model of the your teeth is created from the impressions. Align then uses its advanced, 3-D imaging software to generate a graphical representation of the doctor’s treatment plan—almost like an animated movie of the way the patient’s teeth will move from the current position to the final desired position.

Dr. Turner reviews and approves the rendering of your treatment plan (the 3-D movie) on a secure portion of Align’s website.  You will be able to view this 3-D movie of your your smile and watch the teeth move and your new straight teeth appear.  We then produce a series of clear, plastic aligners that correspond to the stages of tooth movement in the 3-D movie. You wear each stage of aligners for approximately two weeks before switching to the next set in the series. Week by week, your teeth are straightened millimeter by millimeter.


Is this a new way to straighten teeth?

Doctors have successfully used removable appliances for years for very limited treatment. With the application of 3-D computer technology, Invisalign can be used to treat almost anyone who wants straighter teeth.

What are the primary benefits of Invisalign?

  • Nearly invisible: You can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.
  • Removable: You can eat and drink what you want.
  • Better oral hygiene: You can brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth.
  • Comfortable: There are no wires, metal or brackets to cause mouth abrasion.

Straight teeth can boost your confidence, keep your mouth healthy and make you want to smile. Be happy with your smile, check out Invisalign today. Jenny can set you up a free consultation where all your questions will be answered. (949)-770-3294.

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