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Dental health impacts both physical and mental health.

It may seem difficult to believe, but it’s true. This isn’t even mentioning how nice it is to be a bright smile and fresh breath. A healthy mouth makes a healthy body.  Your local Aliso Viejo dentist can do an awful lot, but they can’t take of your teeth for you from day-to-day. Your local grocery store, supermarket, or pharmacy offers more resources for your dental health and hygiene that you might believe. If you know what you need, you can pamper your smile in the dental aisle.


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Your mouth faces an awful lot of challenges every single day. Sugary drinks and treats, coffee, tea, and other foods and drinks can encourage the growth of bacteria, contribute to tooth decay, leave stains, and produce bad breath. Maintaining your dental health is an ongoing battle. Your toothbrush is the number one tool in your dental care arsenal.

An electric toothbrush is your best bet. Dr. Turner recommends the Sonicare Toothbrush to his patients and he uses one himself.  Manual toothbrushes are certainly better than nothing, but you should only be using a soft-bristled toothbrush. They help remove more plaque and provide a much more impressive

cleaning to aid your teeth and gums. Some have rounded brushes heads, flossing action, or a sonic effect along with the electric-powered brushing motion.


Your toothbrush doesn’t reach every part of your mouth. Mouthwash reaches parts of your mouth that may otherwise never be touched. It helps to kill bacteria, freshen your breath, and preserve a healthy mouth. Many mouthwashes contain alcohol, but the sting isn’t a requirement. You can purchase a mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol if you like.  Dr. Turner recommends Listerine mouthwash.  It is the only rinse shown to kill the bacteria that causes gum disease and bacteria.

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Along with brushing and mouthwash, flossing is essential. There are a number of different flossing tools available, but basic dental floss is quite effective. You don’t have to invest in a fancy flossing kit to get the job done. As long as you floss daily, it’ll be worth it.


There are many different selections of toothpaste, so people are sometimes unsure of what to buy. It seems like new ones appear all the time, and the variations on ingredients can appear a bit confusing. Luckily, the basics of buying toothpaste haven’t changed. Fluoride is the most basic and essential ingredient for toothpaste. Fluoride is generally used to prevent cavities.

An abrasive agent is often used as well. This may be baking soda or something else. Abrasives have been demonstrated to cause gum recession, so Dr. Turner recommends you avoid abrasive toothpastes. Quality toothpaste is absolutely necessary, but there are many brands and formulations that are quite effective. You don’t have to break the bank to have quality toothpaste.  Dr. Turner recommends Listerine toothpaste for his adult patients.  Listerine is the only toothpaste that has been shown to kill the bacteria that causes tooth decay and fum disease.  It also provide fluoride, which significantly decreases the formation of tooth decay.  . Sometimes children prefer a flavored toothpaste, and it could be the only to encourage them to brush their teeth regularly.  Along with your at-home routine, regular, preventative dental care, will help keep your mouth healthy.