In our previous post, we discussed the social and financial advantages of smiling. While there are undoubtedly obvious benefits of showing your pearly whites, have you thought about what makes you smile in the first place? In this article we will explore the scientifically proven things that make us happy. By focusing on these simple every day gestures and activities, we can achieve happiness, smile more, and improve our overall health. Further, by taking great care of your oral health, you’ll be more likely to want to show off your grin. Schedule an appointment with your trusted Aliso Viejo Family Dentist today for your consultation.

Concerts, theater, and dance.

Experts have proven that these activities increase our happiness by approximately 9%. Going out for a night on the town with loved ones and friends to see a play or concert can significantly improve your mood and give you plenty of reasons to smile.


Studies show that exercise, in all its forms, increases our happiness by over 8%. Whether it’s a baseball game, a soccer match, or hitting the gym after a hard day’s work, exercise can put a smile on your face.


Humans are social beings, so it should come as no surprise to learn that overall, socializing with friends and colleagues contributes to an estimated 6% increase in happiness. Especially for extroverts and those who crave social interaction, this simple activity can do wonders for their esteem and happiness.


For those of us who are not particularly social, hobbies, arts and crafts can boost our happiness by 5.53%. Whether you’re doing a hobby by yourself or crafting creative things alongside a friend, partaking in your favorite pastimes is a great way to boost your mood.

Playing with pets.

What better way to come home than to be greeted by your best friend? Dogs, cats, birds, or any other companion pet have proven to increase happiness by 3.63%, according to The Telegraph.

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