April 2020

Smile Big with Dr. Turner!

2022-02-05T07:44:37-07:00April 24th, 2020|

Once things settle down with the stay-at-home situation, our dental office is ready to he […]

January 2017

The Social and Financial Advantages of a Beautiful Smile

2018-04-13T10:30:00-07:00January 19th, 2017|

What is it about a Beautiful Smile that gives you an edge in life?

Are you […]

September 2016

How do Implants Work?

2017-09-06T14:56:20-07:00September 24th, 2016|

See How Implants Work


May 2015

“Cecilia and the Satellite”

2016-01-30T17:39:05-07:00May 31st, 2015|

One of our patients, Andrew McMahon, released his first solo album late last […]

It’ Not About the Nail- Funny Dental Videos

2015-10-14T10:57:22-07:00May 29th, 2015|

Dr. Turner loves  funny dental videos, but this was a favorite!


October 2014

Take a Virtual Tour of Our “Sweet” Dental Office | Family Dentist

2018-04-13T10:30:02-07:00October 28th, 2014|

August 2014

Extraction by Rocket or Another Tooth Gone

2018-04-13T10:30:02-07:00August 22nd, 2014|

Tooth extraction can be a tricky procedure. There are a few rules that we follow in the o […]

September 2009

Charlie bites!

2014-09-07T09:51:47-07:00September 19th, 2009|

Does this ever happen at your work? […]

Invisalign | Your Path to Clearly Beautiful Pearly Whites.

2018-04-13T10:30:23-07:00September 14th, 2009|

Want Straight, Healthy Teeth and a Confident Smile?

Getting your teeth straight […]