January 2017

The Dental Dangers of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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Clearly, drugs and alcohol abuse have major health implications on your body- including your mouth. The combination of drug and alcohol usage and poor oral health maintenance are a recipe for disaster. Therefore, let us explore the chronic dental dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse and if questions remain, schedule a visit with your […]

December 2016

The Serious Health Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene

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As the mouth is considered the gateway to the body, taking good care of your teeth and gums is more important than you might think. Aside from just having sparkling white teeth and fresh breath, proper oral hygiene can improve your overall health. Therefore, as we explore the serious health effects of poor oral hygiene, […]

September 2016

The Effects of E-Cigarettes on Oral Health

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The Effects of E-Cigarettes on Oral Health

It should come as no surprise to find out that e-cigarette use has exploded over the last few years. While this new fad has replaced traditional cigarette use substantially, the safety of this alternative has not really been proven or explored. As e-cigarettes are still nicotine-based devices, it’s important […]

August 2016

Top 5 Ways to Always Have Kiss-Ready Breath

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Top 5 Ways to Always Have Kiss-Ready Breath

No one likes bad breath- especially when it comes time to lean in for a perfect kiss. While bad breath can be caused from a number of factors, it’s typically an easy fix. With that being said, let us explore the ways you can ensure you have fresh, […]

July 2016

Slimming Down? How to Improve Your Health and Oral Hygiene

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Slimming Down? How to Improve Your Health and Oral Hygiene

Did you know that the state of your teeth and gums can provide insight into the overall health of your body? In fact, common health issues such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and even alcoholism can be signaled by poor […]

April 2016

What do you know about Toothpaste and Toothbrushes? Get Dr. Turner’s picks.

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Patients ask me all the time what kind of toothpaste I recommend and what type of toothbrush they should be using.

The answers I give them are based on my own experience and clinical experience that spans nearly 26 years.

I tend […]

November 2015

Do you have a Healthy Mouth? How to know | Healthy Teeth Quiz

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Healthy Smile

What do most people expect from their dental care?

In a recent poll of 100,000 people,  respondents were asked “What is your biggest dental concern?”  58% said that they were most concerned about Cavities and Gum Disease. When asked want they […]

September 2009

Gum Disease – It’s Your Body’s Problem!

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Health Risks of Uncontrolled Gum Disease

Recent studies reported in dental scientific journals describe some new information about the dangers of untreated gum disease.


Heart Disease and Strokes:

Fatal and non-fatal heart disease and strokes have been directly linked to active, untreated gum disease. Statistically, a patient with untreated periodontal disease […]

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Dr. Turner’s Healthy Mouth Standard of Excellence

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Healthy Mouth Standard of Excellence Dr. Turner’s Dental Team is committed to providing the highest quality dentistry to all of our patients. With this goal in mind, we created what we believe to be the criteria of a healthy mouth. Checklist to a Healthy Mouth for Life Freedom from […]

Brushing Right Can Save Your Life

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Old News, Bad News

Although most people are aware of the reasons behind proper, daily tooth brushing, few people realize that clean teeth and healthy gums can prevent a wide variety of other general, even life-threatening, health problems! When you don’t brush, your mouth’s normal population of bacteria multiplies on your teeth and gums, there depositing […]